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Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD (Facts and Myths)

There is much confusion associated with knowing the differences in CBD oils and understanding which CBD oils are safe and effective. Knowing where CBD comes from and the different types of plants will be crucial in your search for the perfect product. The distinctly two options in CBD oil are hemp derived and marijuana cannabis derived. It is important to note that hemp and marijuana are both cannabis and contain cannabinoids (CBD). Hemp is classified as cannabis sativa, and marijuana is cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. Hemp is simply the legal term for cannabis containing less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana is the common and legal term for cannabis containing 0.3% and more THC.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulates hemp as a dietary supplement and therefore is not required to review for safety and effectiveness before marketed. This lack of regulations and requirements subjects probable users to possible biological contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals. Medicinal Hemp Elxyr CBDHemp CBD is extracted through a variety of processes including propane, hexane, CO2, and hydrocarbons. Cannabis, as a general species, is considered to be a phyto-remediator. This means the plant soaks up or absorbs environmental substances, whether good or bad. Finding clean cannabis, whether hemp derived or marijuana derived, will be crucial in choosing a CBD oil. That’s why, at Elxyr, we provide top shelf product organically grown medicinal hemp instead of typical industrial hemp. We also 3rd party lab test all products for your safety and purity. Because of this phyto-remediator property in cannabis, it proves that even the marijuana form can be considered dirty or contaminated. It is all about the environment in which the plant was grown. Clean medicinal hemp plants can produce a high-quality CBD oil because they were grown in a clean environment with proper care, like the medicinal hemp grown for Elxyr CBD products.  

Marijuana CBD is different from hemp derived CBD because it is highly regulated for Medicinal Hemp Elxyr CBDmedical and recreational use. CBD is extracted through a process of butane, ethanol, or CO2 and there are stringent production and testing guidelines as well as manufacturer’s regulations. The downside to a marijuana-CBD is that it will more than likely contain higher amounts of THC, a compound that causes psychoactive effects. These effects are usually undesirable for those looking to treat chronic pain, disease symptoms, and seizures so the user can remain in a state of coherency, able-bodied enough to keep employment, appetite, and function at normal capacity. As with hemp derived CBD, marijuana derived CBD oils can also contain unreadable contaminants based on the environment it was grown in. Make sure 3rd party lab testing is provided with easy access to review just like Elxyr CBD products are.  

Knowing your source will be vital to choosing a CBD oil that is right for you. Remembering the facts about where hemp and marijuana derived cannabinoids are coming from will remove fear and trepidation's on choosing the right CBD option for you. With Elxyr CBD you are choosing clean, organically grown medicinal hemp that gives you a high quality, non psychoactive, effective treatment. Choosing clean, organically grown alternatives in hemp can give you a high quality, non psychoactive, effective treatment.